2009. november 5., csütörtök

That Spells DNA

Remek szám a DNS-ről angolosoknak
(Jonathan Coulton - That spells DNA)

We start the story when Mom met Dad
And they danced all night and he took her home
It might have been all the wine they had
But they rolled the dice and won your genome

Then you grew and you grew and one day you were you
And you looked like your father and mother
If you're looking for someone convenient to blame
You can take your pick it's one or the other

DNA, you're in my heart
DNA, in fact you're in every part of my body
Each cell has a nucleus, each nucleus has chromosomes
And DNA, baby, that spells DNA

Guanine met Cytosine, fell in love
And then Thymine got busy with Adenine
They sent the messenger-RNA
To the ribosome to make more protein

And while it's killing you dead it will mess with your head
And it's the light in the dark that will guide you
It's the pages and pages of what you are like
In the giant book that's hidden inside you

If it says TGGTCGAAC
Then you might get the cancer
Then you shouldn't eat shrimp or nuts
Then you'll probably wish that you didn't know

The time will come when you're almost gone
And you try to guess but you'll never know
You do your best and you soldier on
Every day you're here till it's time to go

All the good things and bad that you do or don't have
You can find out for sure if you got them
But there's a spiraling staircase that you're falling down
And you're nothing but dead at the bottom

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